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Once an auction has ended, the items become the property of the winning bidder buyer. Buyer assumes all risk of loss and damage to property from that point forward including at the premises of the sale. The removal date and time will be posted on the terms for each individual auction. Failure to remove during scheduled load out time may result in item forfeiture.

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Office Deals Galore .. Office Depot Clean Seal Peel Security Envelopes #10, Standard No Window ct. Buy it now, $, Listed:Aug We are both a manufacturer and a distributor of some of the top brands in the United States as well as our own private label brands. Our mission is simple - to.

Do not assume a lot consists of more than one item simply because they are connected together. You are bidding on the item as it is described and not the item in the photo. If you check out the Pelzer SC Bargains for yourself, don't forget to take some videos or pictures with your camera phone so you can come back here and add your own comments or review of Bargain Foods Store at the bottom of this page. Several online sources seem to have mixed messages on what hours the Pelzer SC store is open. I've noticed the store hours have changed from time to time.

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So to be safe, I'd recommend you call the store yourself and verify what hours and days they are open before making a long trip. Phone Number. Neal Batson is the friendly hard-working owner To move within the map, click on map, and without releasing drag in any direction within map. I personally talked to the owner Neal Batson.

He's a really friendly hardworking fellow. I often see him out working on the floor helping his fellow employees keep the shelves stocked with amazing bargains. He told me that helping everyone save money on food is part of his personal mission work. He's been in the salvage food business a long time. Batson seems very conscientious and happy to offer the deepest discounts so families can save lots of money on groceries and other items.

In my opinion, unlike most big box retailers and grocery chains, Bargains culture is not at all about greed driven profits. Speaking to the owner reinforced that realization for me. This is another reason I'm happy to shop there regularly and to spread the word to help support the owner, his employees, and the local economy. I have no affiliation with Bargain Foods or its owner.

This page is my way of paying it forward to help local families and a local small business that benefits families in the Tri-state area.

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Evan Dyer of Hunington Properties Inc. MLS executives informed its clubs this month not to have their rights extend beyond with local partners, so to remain flexible and have all options available as the landscape can change a lot in the next three years. Rubber bands may be desk-drawer essentials, but they also can be used to solve so many problems outside the office or kitchen. Pendleton Writing Desk. Add on the signing of the UN Migration Pact and effectively the doors are still wide open. I did say reduce rather than eliminate though. Modern metal desk works hard to look chic round the clock.

We'll usually start at the Jockey Lot early on a Saturday morning to get the best deals and selection on fresh produce. Most vendors have left by mid day. Bargains is only about a 15 minute drive away from the Jockey Lot via Anderson Highway. See above interactive map. It's a discount grocery store behind Hardees right off the Anderson Highway just before the nice little town of Williamston, South Carolina.

Deals Galore is another large discount food warehouse very similar to Bargains. I took many photos inside and spoke with one of the owners. Nice guy. Nice staff too. Bright, clean, well-organized salvage food store.

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Neal Batson over at Bargains could use some more healthy competition. With thousands of visitors having arrived to this review since it went live, I've no doubt helped bring the store tens of thousands of dollars in new repeat business. So I want to pay it forward and help put them on the map in a bigger way, as I have with Bargains Food Store.

Please tell them Frugalicity. The Jockey Lot is a square grey spot maybe 5 miles southwest of Pelzer right on Hwy 29 - which is the highway you'll cross over shortly after exiting I if you take exit 32 on your way toward Pelzer and Bargains Foods. If you zoom in on the satellite map, you'll see the below image with all the long buildings full of indoor vendors' tables and rows of outdoor vendors' tables.

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So wear good walking shoes and bring a baby stroller, tote bags, or shopping cart to haul your flea market finds. Bring cash too, though some vendors do accept credit cards. I'm trying to get another one to replace it.

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The snarcky shopper unfortunately seems to have since shut down his Youtube channel, so his video from inside the Pelzer SC Bargain Foods Store is no longer online. Too bad. It was really a good quick tour of deals from one end to the other. The following 9. It is courtesy of Youtube user "theIaughinghyena".

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So a big thanks goes out to this publisher. I don't know the video publisher, nor is he affiliate with Frugalicity. You will clearly see just how big this store full of cheap food is. I'd estimate it's about 4 times the size of an Aldis or Trader Joes and with better deals and much more extensive selection overall. Hannah loves food and preventing food waste. She also loves saving money on food at her favorite salvage food store in Pelzer SC. In her below video she gives you a glimpse inside Bargains Foods as part of her short video entry into the Bocconi Expo competition.

If anyone wants to whip out their i-phone while shopping there and make a quick short video tour through the aisles, or take some pictures of your deals found inside the Pelzer Bargains, please do share them with us by providing a link to your uploaded video file on Youtube set to allow for embed on websites or elsewhere, or by directly adding any pertinent photos via the easy sharing form at the bottom of this page.

I and many others will greatly appreciate it and I'll be sure to give you full credit and a link to your Youtube channel if applicable. It highlights a few hair accessory deals one resourceful shopper bought there. Proves Bargains is not just for food deals. Credit for below video goes to Youtube user: " tashaislovnit".

The parking lot was full and every shopping cart at checkout was jam packed. You can tell it is a popular spot for stocking up on discounted grocery items. I've never had to wait in line more than a few minutes at checkout. They keep the registers and aisles well staffed. I paid with a Discover Card, so I do know they take credit cards. For other types of payment, such as check or debit cards, you may want to call the above number and ask. I believe they do take checks. Good frugal tips for everyone - NEVER carry balances and try to rack up credit card reward points, miles, or cashback bonuses in the case of Discover Card.

I get hundreds of dollars back from Discover every year. I don't blame them for throwing in a small percentage of full-priced convenience foods like Milk and eggs. I'm frugal, but I also like one-stop shopping Not too bad, but not great either. I wanted tomatoes but they were not a good deal at all and they looked like the pale red tasteless kind shipped in from some greenhouse farm factory. Sometimes I like to boil red potatoes and just eat them with a little butter and salt I use Bacon very sparingly for seasoning other foods.

For example, adding a piece or two to an entire crockpot of pinto beans to add flavor. Or frying up a piece of bacon next to my eggs can't beat bacon grease for flavor there or to dice up for a spinach salad topping. In my experience frozen bacon stays viable for a very long time compared to other frozen meats.

The 4 lbs. Carnivorous Bargain Hunters Rejoice There were also big packages of clearance meat randomly piled up in one cooler. I didn't explore those deals very closely though since I'm not a huge meat eater. I am a cheap-skate afterall! But there is probably more of a goldmine of bargains for the more carnivorous bargain hunter willing to dig through these bulk meat coolers. Overall, I could easily be a vegetarian and eat very little meat So even bargain bins of beef don't impress me much. Less meat in your diet is probably THE 1 way to save money on food and slash your monthly grocery bill - with the additional benefits of possibly improving health and lessening your environmental impact if you are one of the minority who cares about sustainable living.

Western cultures eat way too much meat anyway. Regularly consuming too much animal fats is a leading contributor to many modern diseases such as heart disease and colon cancer, especially here in the Southern United States. There are lots of other good cheap sources of protein such as the beans in my list of Bargain Foods bargains lower down this page. I think every frugal person who gardens, cooks, and loves deep discount grocery stores like Bargain Foods in Pelzer SC should have a freezer because it allows you to load up on these types of food sales - from breads to meats to vegetables to fruits to cheeses.

A freezer inventory helps reduce shopping trips time, fuel, frustration and allows you to get the most bang for your buck by allowing you to stretch those deals out longer. If you grow a garden, a freezer is a great way to cut your grocery bill because you can stockpile surplus harvests of cheap wholesome veggies and fruits and use them when you need them, especially during the cold season when prices rise on produce. You can also cook in bulk ahead of time and have frozen meals ready for the microwave when you don't feel like cooking. That's what I do. I hardly ever get just one meal out of a pot.

And if you are an avid fisherman like me, or hunt or forage for wild foods you already likely know that a stand-alone freezer is a must-have. A great household investment if you ask me. Back to Bargain Foods Store There is also lots of big boxes of cheap bulk meat on the last aisle, and a good selection of other cuts on the second to last aisle. Update: according to one employee, " we have an on-site experienced meat cutter and we offer the freshest meat of all popular sorts and at very competitive prices ".

You will find all sorts of deals on beef, chicken, pork, shrimp, scallops, Flounder, Perch, Salmon, Talapia fish, etc. Breaking News. Quadruple murder-suicide under investigation at San Jose home: Police Bodies of woman, infant, toddlers found near Rio Grande River in Texas Severe weather threatens 50 million from Wisconsin to Georgia Arkansas medical school student recalls blacking out before friend's killing City in Oklahoma ordered to boil water after possible E.

View Full Schedule. Kansas City News. Stars and Stripes shared its list of national restaurants and retailers offering discounts on Twitter: Here's a roundup of some Veterans Day meals and deals for vets and active-duty servicemembers.