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The last time I went to a Jos. Bank store to buy a suit, the salesperson told me that they were running a special sale and for every suit I bought they would give me two additional suits.

What is the best time to get a Jos A Bank suit?

I only needed one suit. And yet there I was needlessly picking out two more suits. It seemed unbelievable. Was this an SNL skit? And it goes on all the time at Jos. In fact — it still goes on. As I write this, Jos.

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Bank is still running insane discount programs. And if you buy one you still get two free! Management knows this. Since Tailored Brands purchased the Jos. As a customer, you know how this makes me feel? It makes me feel stupid. Stupid because, as a typical Jos.

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Jos. A Bank is a well-known chain of men's clothing stores that also sells online. Because they often deeply discount their suits, some wonder if they offer good. Plus, all orders receive free shipping. That ties a September mention and is one of the best deals we've seen on these items from Jos. A. Bank.

Bank, it is that discounting is stupid. It devalues your products and services. It creates confusion. But to do it as frequently and pervasively as Jos. Bank is a bad practice. Even my most profitable clients that sell B2C limit their promotions. Yes, they will lose customers who are used to the deals.

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But really, were these profitable customers? Otherwise you, too could lose a billion dollars. News Back. Features Luxury Business Leaders. Facebook Twitter Comments Print. Continue Reading Below. What's Stunting Small Business Growth? Does Salesforce. Unless you're one of the lucky few who catches their Arbor Day buy one suit get 3 suits , 6 shirts and 8 ties free sale. Can't beat that with a stick. If you ever see some Ethiopians with bloated stomachs in a polyester suits I got bored one day at the mall with my family and wandered into a Jo Banks, mainly because I'd never been in one and wanted to see what it was about, and somehow walked out with so much goddamn stuff, like 3 suits, lord knows how many shirts and ties, and I think underwear and socks for a thousand bucks or so that it felt comical.

They're not the greatest quality but they're not absolutely horrible. I think I bought the higher end line though. They're good travel suits when you're visiting a warehouse or production facility or a company in East Jesus where even the execs are wearing polo's and hardly own suits and you don't want to ruin a good suit by spilling coffee, wine or food when the plane hits turbulence. But I'm pretty sure they'll fall apart after a year of wear and tear and some dry cleaning. And then I'll use them as kitchen rags. But no seriously. This is a PSA for all incoming male bankers: Instead of getting 4 crap suits get 2 good ones.

I have yet to pay full price for a suit for myself nor for a guy I was "styling". Brooks Brothers doesn't seem to be doing so hot with the recession so you can get some great deals. There is no Nordstrom Rack in Manhattan. There is absolutely a Nordstrom Rack in Union Square. It's on the southeastern corner of the square, so I think 14th and Park or whatever Park changes to down there.

What do you think?

CYstyle Distinguished Member. And while you're there, sign up for emails to get alerts about discounts and more, right in your inbox. I own suits from all price ranges and if you get them tailored they will look 10x better than an un-tailored expensive suit. There is no Nordstrom Rack in Manhattan. The Jos. How much does it usually cost to get a shirt tailored? Boring styles.

Getting a cheap suit and getting it well tailored can do miracles as opposed to buying a relatively more expensive Hugo Boss or such off the rack. That implies that one isn't getting the nicer suit well tailored either The second you incoming guys pull your first all nighter you will think back on this conversation and laugh Just buy the suit when it is on sale or go to Banana Republic or something. I own suits from all price ranges and if you get them tailored they will look 10x better than an un-tailored expensive suit. Additionally, realize that really expensive suits tend to be made with better, but also delicate.

Get the baller suits when you start meeting clients. Salesmen and traders eat meat, preferably fried. The buy 1 get 2 free would be hard to pass up Even if they last a year or two, its worth it to have 3 suits for under a grand.

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Even Brooks Brothers would be a better choice, and they run plenty of specials as well. Even off-the-rack dept stores have some nice Hart Marx suits on sale around this time. They are made by Hickey, mostly in the US, and what I would recommend to someone who has a limited suit budget. A Bank has a deal right now. Buy 1 suit , get 1 suit free, plus get 2 dress shirts and 2 silk ties for free. If you have the money, get it made-to-measure. Otherwise, local tailors might prove to be diamonds in the rough, too. Best sale that I have found and took advantage of is buy 1 get 4 free.

This sale doesn't occur very often so be sure to act when it does. Listen, they do have some nice lines, AND some crap lines. This way, you get to buy what you want, in any quantity you want. Now on the other hand, I just, today, bought 4 suits for the price of one, and got 75 bucks off as well. I bought the lighter summer suits , but idc where you are or what you do, theres no way you can beat that deal, even if they rip and tear after wears, I still have either the pants or the coats to carry on and use.

Its unfortunate that they have no concept of value added selling.

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I don't hate this place, coming from a former brand whore that spent a lot of zeros in the past, I'll take 4 suits for anyday over a tumbler of scotch and ONE suit for Simply put, look good, stay fresh, and invest that money into tailoring and 3 more suits. This way you always look brand new and get to have fun hunting a good deal. Stay thirsty my friend. WSO depends on everyone being able to pitch in when they know something.

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How to Lose $1 Billion, the Jos. A. Bank Way

Beef IB. Rank: Senior Gorilla When is the best time to get deals there, or anywhere else? Log in or register to post comments. Financial Modeling Course. Comments Best Response. Financial Modeling Courses. Macy's Alfani. Look it up. Hedge Fund Pitch Template. Apr 12, - pm. Related Topic. Dec 27, - pm. View 1 reply. If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses - Henry Ford. Hedge Fund Interview Questions. Whatever, I will take it.

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Just get the shit tailored. Investment Banking Interview Questions and Answers.

Why Jos. A. Bank Suits Are Priced Lower Than Many Competitors

The free stuff sucks Investment Bank Interview - Toughest Questions. Private Equity Case Interview Samples. American Psycho:. Go to a real tailor and have them fixed up Second the never. The best thing I've read all day. Thanks Marcus. Nov 12, - pm. Dec 12, - pm. HF Interview Questions. A good time to buy something from there might be tomorrow. I think I'll be picking one up for the buy one get two free special..

It's running until May 1st if anyone's poor and interested like myself, heh. Just get them tailored and then you wont care when you beat the shit out of them and they tear. Hedge Fund Pitch for Interviews. May 18, - am. Can you forward the flyer? Hedge Fund Interviews. Schmucketelli O Rank: Chimp 2 Dec 11, - am. Want to sign in with your social account? Unlock with Facebook or Unlock with Google. Feb 21, - pm. Feb 21, - am. No WSO Credits? Sorry, you need to login or sign up in order to vote.

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