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They are pretty much the worst of the worst. And very sad to see even reputable brands using these models.

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Here we see a higher level of boxing glove manufacturer. Are you starting to see the patterns, yet? And the eye-opening thing is that many household brands use them as well. Remember all the complaints that Everlast or Ringside are no longer as good as they used to be? Are these newer, better-looking models actually superior to the old models or are they essentially the same but with only an updated design? You have to email them to get prices depending on what model, customization, quality, and quantity that you want. Many offer complete customization if you go through them directly.

I also only showed you the ones with a website! Some look close to the real thing, others look obviously fake. Armed with this knowledge, you can better detect copycat brands and inferior models of boxing gloves. Ahhh, the beauty of the internet! You might even get laughed at in the gym for wearing these brands. They are definitely no better, but also sometimes no worse than the famous brands. Some of these companies are not even known as boxing companies. Many of them target the rapidly growing MMA market and usually give up after about a year of begging friends to try their gear.

Century gear is typically found in toy stores and sporting good stores. I tried their gloves 10 years ago and it hurt like hell to punch with them even when they were new. I remember them looking like plastic. The stitching, the strap, the leather. They have several shops in Southern California that sell all kinds of fight gear. PBS, manufacturers their own stuff in their factories in Pakistan. I absolutely hate dealing with them and their products.

Shopping at their store in person was a frustrating experience. Just FYI, they never have prices on anything on the store because they change them depending on how gullible you look. You can read online for more complaints about their products and the way they do business. Single-stitching all around for the most part and the 3-cuff design looks poorly stitched.

Yes, I got to try it in their store when I was picking up handwraps. Oh yeah, I tried it just to see. Entirely different shape, padding, and feel. The only effort they made was to copy the Casanova logo. An insult to even cheap Pakistan gloves. The gloves feel like total shit. Really cheap lining. The padding gives you no protection whatsoever, you can punch right through them. Want to know if a new company out there is any good? Simply compare their designs to the popular design molds out there.

Except that argument goes out the window when you see many other boxing gear companies all copying the same glove molds. The good news is the name brands have clearance sales often. Anyway, these gloves are ok for temporary training but you should upgrade as soon as you can. The brand became the joke of the sport. The saddest part is that Everlast used to be known for making quality products; an American badge of quality. The gloves that fighters won championships with. The gloves your grandfather was proud to own.

They expected the best from Everlast but their products failed to deliver. Their competition headgear was one of my favorites and their competition gloves also seemed to be good although not meant for regular training. For now, just avoid buying anything from Everlast. Awful quality, terrible padding, and toxic chemical smell used in the dye color. But nope, the Protex model sucks.

Ringside was the quality American boxing brand when I started boxing in And anybody NOT wearing Ringside was probably wearing Title who made cheaper, but still functional gear. The new gloves were a total letdown and they lost their fanbase almost overnight. Their new gloves are overpriced pieces of junk! Ringside has since been reduced to nothing more than a generic company.

I promise you, the velcro will tear apart that mesh in no time.

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They were a classic favorite despite the annoying elastic that you had to peel back to shove your hands in. Every gym had at least a few pairs of these. The thinner strap also provides less wrist support, by the way. I think the faux-vintage design makes it look cheap. Except only, no pro would ever buy this. When I first started boxing, Title was this online store that sold a ton of boxing gear from many brands at reasonable prices.

They had lots of sales and many great deals could be found if you visited their website regularly. I am still a fan of Title after over 10 years. Their gloves actually performed pretty well and you may have noticed that I wear a pair of classic red Title gloves in my Youtube videos. Many people did not have money for the legit brands in Ringside, Winning, and Reyes so Title created generic imitations of all their qualities and sold them for cheaper.

They tried to copy the sleek protective glove design of Ringside, the high quality super-cushioned glove design of Winning, and the slim aggressive Mexican-style glove design of Cleto Reyes. The quality was nothing close to the originals but good enough to sell. It was surprisingly decent-enough quality and the padding lasted long enough. Unfortunately, the quality of their recent models has dropped quite a bit as I hear everything… the leather construction, padding, stitching, and even the laces looks cheaper. Using the nylon strap instead of leather.

Looks identical to the one by PBS up above. I remember Title had it first and PBS and several others copied it later. Too stiff and often weighs more than the listed weight! I still hate these gloves. Look at the seams and edging all over the glove and then the lace tracks. It looks cheap in the image and even cheaper in person.

The old models were known for being really bad quality, too stiff for sparring, terrible thumb position, and also too tight on the hand. The newer version released in promises to be closer to real Mexican gloves, better construction quality and latex padding. Adidas is a German company, and a household sports brand in Europe I hear also common in Australia.

Adidas boxing gear is respected in a similar way to Everlast. Here in America, Adidas boxing gloves are almost non-existent or seldom seen. I do wonder if the pros actually use them by choice or because they were sponsored. For the most part, their gear is yet another one of those beautifully-designed Pakistan clone brands. And I really wanted to like their gear because they sent me several models for free. Typical clone mold and looks like a toy in person. See it up close.

Read the Amazon reviews about it falling apart almost right away! The older version linked was real leather, higher quality and came in bigger sizes 16oz. The latest version is fake leather, falls apart quickly, and only comes in oz sizes. What a massive letdown considering the Adistar was supposed to be their professional training line.

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Practice Partner. The pro style leather is awful. Appear to have very minimal use. I had such a hard time finding this photo angle, haha. Life Fitness.

Not meant to last beyond a few months of regular use. At this price, I would just pay more and get a real glove, to be honest. Just like the Hybrid it has real leather, multi-layered foam, more comfortable inner lining…and unlike the Hybrid it has more padding around the wrist notice the raised ridges on the velcro , extra elastic on the palm-side unnecessary IMO.

Lonsdale is like the Everlast of the UK in that they sell all kinds of things. Really cheap stuff at really cheap prices. They use many of the older Pakistan clone molds, too. Like almost exactly identical. Junk junk junk. At least they priced it more fairly. The first time I had ever seen TOP TEN was through one of those online martial arts stores that sold all kinds of equipment for many different fighting styles. TOP TEN boxing gloves look like those karate gloves with the super perfectly-round padding around the knuckles.

Very different from the usual boxing gloves which have more of a human fist shape and prominent thumb sticking out on the side. Naturally, I laughed at them, never ordered, and never tried them. Everybody in Canada seemed to like Rival a well-respected Canadian brand. Unfortunately for the brand, the gloves I tried were absolutely crap and after my experience, was determined to write them off forever.

There are many misconceptions about the brand and what they offer. Who the heck knows? If I had to guess, I think they started by making karate gloves. Your hand is open and the padding only covers the knuckles and back area of your hand. The padding is strapped to your hand in various ways: maybe some thin strap, or a thin fingerless glove like a motorcycle glove , or a thin piece some finger holes. Except only, instead of designing their glove with the usual boxing glove shape, they simply adapted their existing karate glove design into boxing gloves by extending the padding all around the glove.

Lucky for them, a distributor has sent me a recent pair that I enjoyed so much, I decided to renew my opinion of the brand. As you can see, the padding covers only the knuckles and back of the hand, and the knuckle area is very round like a missile.

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I had such a hard time finding this photo angle, haha. Most product photos show only the back of the glove, focusing on the glove style from the back-side. Hope you appreciate! What the heck is this?! Probably similar to TitleBoxing pro gloves although these look cheaper to me. Not meant for serious training. Very unique shape that I think most people will appreciate. The foam feels really thick and about medium softness.

Protects your hands well on the heavy bag and just about soft-enough for sparring although I much prefer having softer. Who knows, I might consider a separate review on this glove one day if enough people are interested in it. Unique shape, unique padding, and actually functional! The thumb is surprisingly comfortable very straight and the dual straps can adapt to all wrist sizes. Yes, TOP TEN makes tons of clone gear but they also have some unique pieces as well…their martial arts gloves and this boxing glove obviously modeled after their martial arts gloves are the exception!

There were pictures of people wearing their gear and videos of fighters sparring in them. Kudos to them for finally establishing their brand. You can search Google to hear reviews about their poor quality and stitching. I wonder if they get their design inspirations from Rival.

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Leone was a reputable boxing company started in Italy several decades ago. I think you can tell from the glove designs what has become of their glove quality lately. Everything else is of the cheap Pakistan clone variety. The biggest issue for boxers is having less wrist support and the bulky shape.

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Thai gloves are not recommended for boxing because of poor wrist support, and different padding distribution. The other Twins models are shaped more for Muay Thai and styled too differently from boxing gloves e. The other ones looked like Pakistan clones and had many complaints about stitching quality, cracking leather, and velcro coming apart. Check out all the other copycat designs on their website. I had never heard of Hayabusa until an MMA friend walked into the gym with a pair of them about 10 years ago.

Hayabusa gloves, on the other hand, looked like something out of a Japanese anime cartoon rich colors, Asian lettering. As a boxing purist, like other boxing purists, we already had a history and a tradition. Our gear was plain and designed to remind us of the old days when times were tough and fighters were tougher.

A fancy pretty glove like Hayabusa looked like a toy to us. It looked like something made for children, not for real men, not for real fighters. The gloves were stiff as hell. It was unheard of for a boxer to use a non-leather glove. You see back then, boxers had like maybe 5 choices. Ringside was the default quality glove back then for Americans. It was like the Mercedes of boxing gloves. If you had more money, you could get the Ferrari Winning and if you had less, you went Title.

They might ok on the bag but still over-priced in general, as is all their other stuff. Look at the seams all over this thing. The more seams, the more points of failure. OH I get it— real leather IS better than fake leather! Venum is the typical wannabe MMA brand that you see nowadays. One is that Venum is trying to rebrand themselves as a higher quality brand.

Venum Challenger 2. No offense, but none of those buyers know anything about quality boxing gloves. You can read the bad reviews to get a clearer picture. Venum Giant 3. How much money are they trying to save? I figured why not give them a chance? Just check it out and see! Many obvious details. The stitching looks suspect. I did appreciate the extra holes punched into the finger areas.

I think this brand did well because it appealed to an older demographic of martial artists just starting to try on boxing gloves. For that reason, you can find them in many MMA and traditional martial arts gyms and sometimes even in boxing gyms. The gloves LOOK big and well-padded. But to me, they felt like any other MMA glove—too stiff for my taste. Certainly makes you wonder if martial artists ever spar hard. I would respect them more if they got rid of the clone models. It has great reviews and satisfies bigger fighters, those wanting to hit with less force, or those wanting to train with weighted gloves.

This is the pair that put them on the map. This is the only glove I would personally try from R2C. If I had any minor complaint: the inside lining should be smoother; most people will be fine but I got a blister on my pinky middle knuckle on the 3rd day of using them. I have no idea how Revgear got as big as they are.

Their gear is however the lowest quality of the Pakistan clone gloves. My guess is they appeal to martial arts gym owners who buy gear in bulk. They do not compare well against other products on the shelf. I had actually never heard of them until very recently when a friend pointed them out to me and I saw that they sponsored some big name pro fighters like Wladimir Klitschko, Eddie Chambers, and Virgil Hill although the latter 2 are now trainers. See it up close and compare it to the many clone designs out there.

You can read the reviews online. If you like the style, sure, why not? They were selling well-built gloves with good padding, comfort, many customizations, and all at a fair price. Their stock models were really stylish and you could customize it with all kinds of fancy colors and embroidery. MMA and Muay Thai brands were either low quality or not shaped well for boxing. At the time, my only concern about them was to keep the price down and quality up.

Nearly a year after I wrote my positive review here and even ranked them at 5th place based on comments from friends and other folks on the internet , I began to hear many complaints about their quality control. I ordered my own pair in March and was surprised to find many issues with them.

They are not quality at all and do not seem like Mexican gloves in any way, they look and feel exactly like cheap Pakistan gloves. It copies the welted seams, canvas liner, latex padding, triple-cuff design, large grip bar, and padding designed to give nice punch feedback. See this one. So many to choose!

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Items 1 - 50 of 53 Our Deals For Clubs section offers what we consider is essential boxing equipment for boxing clubs/gyms in bulk numbers. Because the. products offers bulk boxing gloves products. About 80% of Professional Sanda cheap printed bulk boxing gloves. US $ / Pair.

I bought this exact pair because I loved the colors and found it be nothing close to Winning. Cheap feeling, cheap leather the worst kind that tears easily , padding is too soft, not as comfortable, awkward padding position, low wrist support. Only the styling and stitching looked nice. I hated the gloves within 5 minutes. Painful to use and poor knuckle curve that makes your punches impact more at the middle knuckles instead of the top knuckles. Whatever improvements they supposedly made upon the older design, I think this glove only got worse. This model is available in velcro or lace-up version.

Check out their Facebook photo album to see all the possibilities. The same glove molds, standard features hyped up in gimmicky ways, and of course really cool product photos. I had zero interest to try them whatsoever. I was also aware that they were official equipment suppliers for USA Boxing and also the AIBA but of course, I chalk that up as usual marketing methods in any industry.

He explained Sting is made in Pakistan but they have their own factories and also control the manufacturing and make their own custom designs internally as well as externally. I received the gloves and have since had a few months to play with them. At first glance, the gloves did look like the usual Pakistan clones but very well intended. Nice design, modern but tasteful. They look sexy and sleek. The colors are also very well done and properly chosen. They have colors that stand out but also harmonize with the rest of the glove. The craftsmanship also felt well-intended.

You can tell they tried to make these in a serious manner and without taking any shortcuts. The stitching was nice, very tight and perfect. The padding was typical dense padding. The laces felt high quality and fancy. Their inside-lining is also very different from most gloves. The first thing that comes to my mind about Sting is their inside comfort on the hands. Really comfortable and very ergonomic; fit like a glove, whereas other gloves feel like somebody wrapped cardboard around your hands.

Whereas other gloves range between feeling either like slippery silk or grippy-fabric, the Sting gloves are neither. This feeling is accomplished by having really soft foam on the palm side which is unusual for most brands. That wrist area padding is typically used to give you more wrist support during punches. Well Sting has super-soft non-supportive padding on the entire palm side BUT then uses super-stiff HARD rubber material on the back side of the wrist to give you that wrist support.

The gloves feel very light for 16oz. These were meant for the heavy bag and they feel just fine. Laces or velcro available. These gloves are marketing for sparring but I feel they need to be a little softer before I would do that. I assume these are functional but way less frills. Please do not spar in these. It pisses me off to see that plastic label. This is their crappy fitness model. Not for real boxing training and definitely NOT for sparring. Now we can get to the fun stuff! I consider many of these companies to be premium brands. These will be the lowest grade of boxing gloves that I would ever use for real training.

Some of these brands offer cheaper models for the masses and high-end models for the pros and serious amateurs. Ignore the cheap models and also ignore brand reviews aimed at the cheap models. Boxers train harder on their punches than anybody else. No kicks, no grappling. Just a ton of bag work, mitt work, and sparring. Ahhhh yes, the legendary Cleto Reyes! They are officially the 1 choice of gloves for fighters who want to punch with maximum power in the ring. This is a common tactic among established champions to prevent more powerful opponents from doing as much damage.

Can a glove really make that much difference? Reyes gloves have definitely contributed to the stereotype of Mexican gloves and Mexican boxing. Many people assumes all Mexican boxers are aggressive sluggers and therefore all Mexican-style boxing gloves are made for an aggressive fighting style with minimal-cushioning and sleek compact design.

All other Mexican boxing glove brands are immediately compared to Reyes as the standard. When it comes to training and sparring, what you need is more hand protection, not less. And most of you are not professional boxers. You might see a puncher like Manny Pacquiao swear by his beloved Reyes gloves in a pro fight. But in training? I think Reyes is more common in training in Mexico, but even there they also use Winning. They break down and fall apart faster. Nonetheless, Reyes is still a great name backed by a very good glove.

Still top quality and long-lasting but I suspect many people train in them for that authentic Mexican look and not the padding. The horsehair feels soft enough to pass the pre-fight inspection and then quickly packs into the deadliest weapon you can wear on your hands. THIS is what a real boxing glove looks like. Get laces if you want to look like a real boxer. Velcro is for newbies; more convenient, laces are the way to go. Laces give more support and look better IMO.

Second, I noticed the shape and size of the glove is much smaller. Perfect for those who want to train in Reyes quality but want extra protection and less damage done to sparring partners. This ought to be their sparring model. With all the pro fighters choosing to train in the Winning gloves and fight in Reyes gloves, that left Everlast without any credible brand ambassadors.

They probably figured the best thing to do for raising brand awareness and brand reputation was to make a better glove that real fighters would actually use. That lead them to the the Everlast MX model. This model is their lone saving grace and the ONLY reason why you should ever buy an Everlast boxing glove. What makes them different? Manufactured for much higher quality and actually used by pro fighters. In fight negotiations where Reyes gloves were not allowed, some fighters tried to sneak by with the Everlast MX Pro Fight gloves. Some people who like Mexican boxing style glove but complained about their thumb design or the shape of the gloves may be appeased with the Everlast MX gloves.

I do see some pro fighters not only fighting in Everlast MX gloves but also training in Everlast MX gloves using the thicker-padded training models. They do a relatively OK job, but they are not the best. The training models are fully cushioned with foam. I do wish the quality was still higher because I keep hearing reports about loose threads on new gloves.

Many people who like these gloves probably do so because of their looks, quality and comfort, and are willing to overlook the OK-but-not-great padding. For the price you pay, I would say Reyes is still the better deal and better glove but the Everlast MX is definitely not a Mexican clone and deserves to be considered as a unique glove. Very sexy. It has the authentic old school boxing design, hall marks of the Mexican glove design in the textured leather , and also a kind of modernized look.

Very authentic, classy, and smells great. Very comfortable but unfortunately still not very good protection, and not the best construction quality relatively speaking. I agree with this Youtube video review. Rival looked like a cool crazy brand when I first heard of them.

Back in when I started boxing, the boxing gloves you saw in the gym were mostly something like…. Pretty much all the brands you saw in the gym were either American or Mexican and they looked the part—simple, no-nonsense design, tough-looking gloves. I believe only TitleBoxing the online store sold Rival at the time. There was only a few Rival models available and they were sandwiched in between all the other familiar big names.

So imagine that you were used to seeing a traditional-looking classic American or Mexican boxing glove, and one day, in steps this crazy looking glove with diagonal lines and colors going everywhere. And so nobody bought it because it looked like it was trying too hard to be premium. And sure enough, the only guys who DID buy it were the beginners. And so years passed while nobody had ever tried a Rival boxing glove. Some people bought Rival boxing shoes, some people bought Rival focus mitts, but nobody dared to buy Rival boxing gloves.

For whatever reason, it was still too much of a social risk. Besides, American brands were still good enough at the time and so nobody had the desire to venture away from their favorite brands. So how did it go? Their headgear became one of my favorites of all time.

So ergonomic and form-fitting to my head whereas other headgear felt like either wearing a box on my head or suffocating my face with pillows. Their gloves were really comfortable and really high quality. And they feel great to punch in; no hand pain! When I came back to the US, Rival seemed to have fallen in favor perfectly with the trends at the time. The American brands were getting worse and worse, MMA brands were getting people used to seeing aggressively-designed gloves, and people were willing to pay more for boxing gloves now.

For the average consumer who was sick of seeing the same Pakistan clones, to see a new feature was incredibly refreshing. You were starting to see more Rival stuff in the states and growing respect for the brand. What we need is more innovation, not imitation. It looks absolutely amazing, comes in 4 sexy color variations. High quality, great comfort, great padding. If Winning was a Ferrari, this thing is a very solid Audi.

Sexy, streamlined, performs like a beast. Looks and feels great. Super comfortable, high quality, and great support. It uses their own specially-patented d3o padding. I hear their heaviest XL size only weighs about 13oz.

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I would look at the sizing chart and then pick whichever size you want. Click on the link to see all the sexy pictures. Many fighters swear this is their favorite glove as well. They love the way it looks as well as the way it feels when they hit the bag. You feel powerful, nice solid pop. This thumb design seems to be an issue with the Evolution Sparring glove model as well. The photo makes it looks some what like a toy or CGI, kind of plastic-ey and fake.

But that perception changed when I saw it in real life. The funny thing is it was an old really beat up one, but you could tell it was a great glove by how well it was still holding together. Like wow, mannnnn…. If I had my eyes closed, I would have thought they were custom-made gloves just for me. And even though this model was completely worn out, I used it for everything.

It felt amazing and converted me into a Rival fan for life. The Rival hype is real! Those who have it claim it could have easily sold for twice as much.

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The materials and design is perfect, it feels great and performs well. Their are some slight drawbacks that may or may not matter to you. And lastly, the glove is considered small with the smaller thumb issue as well and snug-fitting so you might care if your hands are bigger. They love the ergonomic wrist support. Supplier Location. Order : OK. Ready to Ship. Sample Order Free samples Paid samples. Contact Supplier. Professional Sanda cheap printed bulk boxing gloves. Powerful factories Bulk boxing gloves.

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