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The players use the Giants when Kaos has found a way to reactivate the Arkeyan Conquertron. Skylanders: Swap Force is the third installment.

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Taking place in another part of Skylands called the Cloudbreak Islands, the player takes control of a new group of Skylanders called the "Swap Force" who hold the ability to swap halves and abilities. Skylanders: Trap Team is the fourth installment. The player takes control of a new team of Skylanders called the "Trap Team," who use Traptanium weaponry to defeat various villains after Kaos has freed them from Cloudcracker Prison. The game also introduces Traps, small Traptanium crystals that allow the player to capture the villains in the game and play as them.

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The two elements, Light and Dark, were introduced into the game. Skylanders: SuperChargers is the fifth installment in the series.

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It introduces a new group of Skylanders called the "SuperChargers" who pilot special vehicles that allow the Skylanders to create rifts to travel through like portals. The Nintendo 3DS version also carries that same name and likewise focusses on the racing elements only. The title was developed by Toys for Bob. Crash Bandicoot and Doctor Neo Cortex are guest stars as playable characters in the game, marking their first appearance in a video game since Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 2 in Crash and Cortex appear as part of the Sensei Skylanders whose job is to train the Imaginators.

Activision released seven Skylanders spin-off games on mobile devices. In addition to the standard figures, there are variants such as "Dark Spyro" for Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure and "Punch Pop Fizz" for Skylanders: Giants , both exclusives for the Nintendo 3DS versions of the respective game, "legendary" variants exclusive to Toys "R" Us in the US , "Nitro" variants exclusive to Target in the US , and "chase" variants which are just an aesthetic difference on the figure with no in-game difference.

The second game introduced the "Giants," larger Skylanders who can lift trees and boulders, move islands, and other things normal Skylanders can't do. There are also Series 2 versions of the returning characters that featured a new exclusive upgrade called a Wow Pow Power as well as the ability to switch upgrade paths. Giant figures also light up, but do not have the light bomb attack. There were 8 giants, 8 new "core" characters, 24 re-posed characters, 8 lightcore figures, 3 magic items, and 4 sidekicks. The 8 characters from Spyro's Adventure that did not get a new figurine in Giants and are referred to by collectors as "the forgotten eight".

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Skylanders: Trap Team , the fourth game of the series, introduced the Trap Master Skylanders, characters who wield big weapons made of traptanium, and traps that allow the capturing of enemies in the game and playing as them. Minis differ from earlier sidekicks by being playable in-game. They were sold in double packs with their normal-sized counterpart. There were 18 Trap Masters, 18 new core characters, 5 returning characters, and 16 minis.

EA signs publishing deal with Skylanders veterans at Velan Studios | VentureBeat

On February 5, , Activision announced that a fifth Skylanders game was in development. It was scheduled to be released in the fall. It was later listed on Amazon as 'Skylanders: Superchargers'. Two characters included are Nintendo characters Donkey Kong and Bowser. They have announced with it a card game called Battlecast for iOS and Android where battle cards of Skylanders and villains can be scanned into the game and fight. As of September , the digital version of Battlecast is unplayable. The game that a figurine was released for can be determined by the color of the transparent plastic layer underneath the base, or by the shape of the base.

There is no official term for this, "edition" is used here for convenience. Within each edition, figurines are released in a staggered fashion. For the first five games there were five waves each.

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Figurines are forward-compatible with subsequent games. Figurines for new characters are not backward compatible, but new versions of earlier characters are. Eight figurines were released alongside Skylanders Trap Team, and are playable in Trap Team and subsequent games.

Six figurines were released alongside Skylanders Superchargers, and are playable in Superchargers and subsequent games. Core figurines are the basic Skylanders i. These figurines are referred to as Series 1, Series 2, Series 3, and Series 4. In Spyro's Adventure, all 32 original figurines were core skylanders. All 32 figurines are also considered Series 1, but that differentiation was not made until the second game was released and Series 2 figurines were created. A new figurine released for an earlier character is called a re-pose also spelled repose or returning character.

The original version is Series 1, the first re-pose is Series 2, and so on. The series number appears in-game and is printed on the corresponding collector's card. The series number does not necessarily correspond to the edition. An exception is Gill Grunt, which had a new pose released for each of the first four games.

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For the fifth installment, Skylanders Superchargers, there were many returning characters but they were completely overhauled with new looks, abilities, and upgrades. Clear Cynder was only available in a Single Pack.

Skylanders Battlecast - Battle Pack & Booster Pack Unboxings.

There are a lot of Stealth Elf figures out there, but this one is probably the rarest to date. Clear Wham-Shell seems to be a bit more rare than the other clear figures. There are some who say that he was exclusive to the Skylanders Ultimate Bundle that was offered by GameStop. Others believe he was dispersed in random boxes like many of the other variants.

Skylanders Swap Force

In any case, this is a very hard to find character. Crystal Whirlwind is an odd variant. It was not released along with Spyro's Adventure even through it is a Spyro's Adventure figure. Crystal Whirlwind is a variant of the Series 1 Whirlwind. There was a lot of confusion about this variant when it was first discovered because of the timing of its release, but it has since been sorted out.

In this pack they included three completely random Spyro's Adventure figures. For a few lucky folks, they got their hands on this new, extremely rare variant. In April of Frito Lay ran a rather unusual promotion with Activision. You could call one of two numbers. If you chose the right number you could win this Flocked Stump Smash or another random Skylander. According to the official rules of the promotion there were only of this figure produced. Similar to the Crystal Clear variants, these were just inserted into random retail shipments.

Warnado was found in both Single and Triple Packs. Along with Wrecking Ball though, he continues to be one of the rarest Glow-in-the-Dark figures. Zap falls in line with Wrecking Ball as this variant was only available in the Single Pack. The SSA Gold figures are among the earliest variants made available. Like most variants they were found in random retail packages.

NOTE: These Gold figures turned out to be quite easy to replicate if you were willing to put enough time and effort into it. Unfortunately this means that there are a number of fakes on the market. While you should always be cautious when purchasing variants, be extra careful when considering the Gold variants. Green Gill Grunt was rather annoying to obtain first-hand.

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Skylanders: Character - Drill Sergeant No rating yet. Skylanders: Trap Team , the fourth game of the series, introduced the Trap Master Skylanders, characters who wield big weapons made of traptanium, and traps that allow the capturing of enemies in the game and playing as them. Much speculation was given as to how the traps would be incorporated into future games, and the answer was, unfortunately, not very well if at all. Crystal Whirlwind is an odd variant. Yeah, that's right. Image Credit: Velan Studios.

Then, to top it off, this bundle was only available at Walmart. Each villain has wacky personalities and interesting abilities, like the chompy summoning Chompy Master or the Dreadnought boss that drives around a massive chainsaw machine. Along with the new characters which will total about ish players will be able to collect 40 villains in the game whether the villains will actually become figures is still in flux.

Once you defeat a villain in battle you can trap them in a physical prism called a Traptanium trap that inserts into the Trap Team portal. When they are captured, you can switch between the active villain and your Skylander at any time, making for a complex mix of abilities you'll have at your disposal. Comments Shares.